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A Wireless Killcord

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CoastKey works as a wireless engine kill switch. If the driver falls overboard, the communication between the boat and driver is disrupted, the engine will stop immediately and the signal beacon is activated. In addition the existing killcord can still be used alongside the CoastKey.


CoastKey is a great looking wireless device worn as a pendant around the neck or clipped to clothing. This allows the driver to safely move about on board, without the need to be leashed to the console.


CoastKey also acts as an immobiliser. This is automatically activated when the ignition is switched off.


CoastKey is a "plug and play" system and is very easily installed on all the most popular petrol and diesel engines. Also, the easily replaced battery has a lifespan of 2-3 seasons.


CoastKey has several other incredibly smart and useful features. You can start, stop and tilt the engine at a push of a button and up to 15m away from the boat.

A Proven Product

Coastkey is a premium Scandinavian built product installed and in use on more than 1600 craft to date. The product has been approved by warranty statements from leading outboard brands such as Evinrude and Suzuki (Norway). A number of high profile references by professional users prove that the product meets its promises in terms of quality and functionality.

2 Simple Units

The CoastKey kit consists of two main units. A Key unit (pendant) and a Lock unit (mounted on console) with a wire harness (plug and play) for installation with the electronic system and engines.

The Key unit (waterproof rated IP-X7) is the part of the system worn by the user, both as a safety element (kill-switch in a MOB situation) and as a convenient remote control for engine start/stop and tilt control.

The Key unit is continuously communicating with the Lock unit, keeping the engine running. If the Key unit falls overboard, the communication between the two units is cut off and the engine will be shut down. The signal light on the Key unit will come on, making it easier to locate and recover the MOB in darkness. After 12 seconds the remaining crew on board can start the engine directly from the Lock unit to recover the MOB.

The lock unit is mounted on or near the console and connected to the electrical system with the supplied harness kit (unique to engine manufacturer ). The Lock unit acts on command from the Key unit. If communication is broken the Lock unit will kill the engine, whether in a MOB situation (in the water) or out of range (15m).
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The Key unit

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The Lock unit


Coastkey is a plug and play system and is easily installed on all the most popular petrol and diesel engines. We can guide you though every step specific to your engine manufacture. To view the installation manuals and video click here ......

Insurance Benefits

Several major UK insurance companies have approved the CoastKey product for it's engine immobilizer function and offer discounts on their premiums.

Useful Downloads

Click on a thumbnail below to play the video or to download documents (PDFs):

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MBY Test Video

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Brochure Download (PDF)

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Technical Sheet (PDF)

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DNV certification (PDF)